Thursday, 17 March 2016


The idea behind the construction of this temple was born in the mind of Late Sri Valluru Venkateswarlu garu who hails from Valluru, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. He was born as the eldest son of an orthodox Brahmin freedom fighter by name, Late Sri Valluru Vissum Raju Garu and Late Smt.Ramapunnamma Garu in the year 1910. He was a leading Advocate of Supreme Court, a Sanskrit Scholor, a great philosopher of Advaitha while being a master in various academic disciplines. He along with his five younger brothers migrated to Hyderabad sometime in 1948-1949 when the Rajakar movement was in full swing. 

Not going into much details of the family history of the great soul, Sri Venkateswarlu Garu was a staunch devotee of Lord Siva and used to travel frequently to Srisailam and other Saiva Kshetraas for worship. When once he was denied to perform Abhishekam in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Srisailam in person by the priests, he determined to construct the Lord's temple at his home in Hyderabad for regular worship. He developed the thought of making the temple open for others also who wish to worship the deity in person irrespective of cast and creed. The shrine took shape within a month of his determination in the north eastern corner of his building premises and was consecrated on 23-11-1969, Sunday I.e., Karthika Poornima by one monk namely, H.H.Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathy Swamy of Nyaalapogula village, near Jangaon, Warangal Dist., Telangana who used to visit regularly Sri Venkateswarlu garu. 

Ever since the construction of the holy shrine, there used to be regular poojas, and Havans every month uninterrupted. His family members used to perform regular Abhishekam and Pooja as no priests were available at that time. Now and then a few people from the nearby R.K.Puram used to visit the temple. Hardly, there were houses in the surroundings other than snakes , cows, buffaloes and other animals. 

Late Sri Venkateswarlu garu had an ambition to become monk since his middle age which was fulfilled in the month of March,1976 when he renounced the worldly attachments by attaining monk hood and thereafter he was designated the uttara peethadhipathi of Sri Siddeshwari Peetham, Courttalam , Tamil Nadu. He was named as H.H.Sri Vimalananda Bharathi Swamy-2 by his Guru thereafter. He left Hyderabad in the year 1984 and attained Siddhi on 25-01-1985 in Vijayawada. His pious body was immersed in the holy river, Krishna as per his wish.

This is the history behind the construction of the temple which many are not aware. Swamiji had a big dwelling house behind the temple which was demolished during the year 2005 and was given for development by his family members. The apartments are named VAISHNAVI MEADOWS and the second son and his family members of the Swamiji are looking after the affairs of the holy shrine while the first son moved to the city long ago. 

The temple caught many eyes since the year 2000, and became a centre of worship to innumerable devotees who are blessed by the presiding deity, Lord Vayulingeshwara. Devotees are fortunate enough to worship the Lord with their own hands and to their satisfaction. It is purely a divine centre without any monetary outlook and exclusively meant for the well being of the people who repose faith in the Lord. 

Devotees voluntarily come forward to serve the Lord with all devotion and contributions in kind during Mahashivarathri day, since the management does not accept money.The power of the holy shrine is growing day-by-day as witnessed by many and several experience the blessings of the Master happily. 

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